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Let's work together to change the world

The lack of recognition and respect of differences is at the forefront of public attention today. It’s not only about race and gender, but every aspect of our individuality. I believe the number one thing preventing us from working together in work and life is the myth that we have to be One-Big-Happy-Family. The truth, families have to work hard to have harmony and happiness. Happy families do not sweep their disagreements under the rug, they call out the elephant in the room and face it head on. Healthy relationships are the outcome of healthy people who co-create a safe space to discuss differences and walk in another person's shoes. 

Genuinely listening and learning from others is not meant to change your mind, it's meant to transform your heart. A transformed heart is emotionally intelligent; it's empathetic and respectful of different points of view.  A transformed heart has faith in the future and an unwavering focus on finding common ground for greater good. If we work together we can change the world,  and when we do we can learn to thrive and grow together as One-Big-Happy-Family. 

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DI is the New EI

As an executive coach and trainer, I've led change in boardrooms of corporate America, basements of nonprofits and behind the scenes for the City of Detroit. One thing I know for sure, our most important asset is emotional intelligence. Our capacity to be aware of, control and express emotions, allows us to navigate interpersonal relationships successfully. I believe there's no emotional intelligence without diversity intelligence.  Diversity Intelligence is the new Emotional Intelligence. Today, in work and life, we must find a way to connect with people who have different political views, heritages, experiences and beliefs. Ann Nadeu, Chief People Officer of Great Places to Work, says it best, “At a time when our societal fabric has frayed, workplaces that are great for all people can play an important role in mending America.”  By expanding minds in the workplace, we transform hearts in the world.  This is the double bottom line. 

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Life Detox

Over the past 20 years, I've helped hundreds of people get off the proverbial treadmill of life and live their dreams. However, today, the American Dream is fading away. Individually and collectively we are losing faith and increasing in stress and burnout. I see people every day growing in doubt of their ability to fulfill on their dreams and leave the world a better place for the next generation. Cleansing the past and renewing your energy, clarity and strength will unleash engagement in every area of life. It will also help us all to open our hearts to diversities of thought, gifts and culture. The Life Detox is a 12-step deep cleanse for every area of our life.. Just like there are multiple benefits from detoxing your body and replenishing it with healthy food and habits, we can reap the same type of benefits from the doing a Life Detox.