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Excerpt from my great-great grandfather’s slave narrative for black history 2019

Interviewer: Cecil Miller wrote: John W. Fields, 2120 North Twentieth Street, Lafayette, Indiana, now employed as a domestic by Judge Burnett is a typical example of a fine colored gentleman, who, despite his lowly birth and adverse circumstances, has labored and economized until he has acquired a respected place in his home community. He is the owner of three properties; un-mortgaged, and is a member of the colored Baptist Church of Lafayette. As will later be seen his life has been one of constant effort to better himself spiritually and physically.

“I married at 24 years of age and had four children. My wife has been dead for 12 years and 8 months. Today, I am the only surviving member who helped organize the second Baptist Church here in Lafayette, 64 years ago. I’ve tried to live according to the way the Lord would wish, God Bless you.”

Kim Bettie