Kim Bettie
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Kim Bettie is the Founder and CEO of The Greater Advantage, a coaching + training + media company on a mission to level the playing field for personal and professional development. Kim has built her life and her method on giving people a greater advantage by learning how to apply empirically proven principles and processes that are typically given exclusively to senior leaders of large corporations. For the past 20 years Kim has been leading cultural change as a corporate trainer, executive coach and organizational development consultant, with a client list which includes hundreds of executives and teams at General Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, City of Detroit, and Henry Ford Health System.

Kim is on a mission to take her million dollar corporate strategies and share them with the world. She's has applied The Greater Advantage Methodology to individuals, groups, small business owners, non-profits and churches. She has even applied her process to vocational students in Detroit and taught them how to implement leadership competencies while studying and rehabilitating their lives. Her students reported remaining “focused” by walking a different way home from school to avoid negative peer pressure and being “action oriented” by taking the steps necessary to make completing school the priority against all odds. 

Kim believes everyone deserves to have the tools to weather the storm and navigate positive change in work and life. Kim is the author of the 14 Day Experiment book and life transforming process that was featured on 1500 AM life changing radio and The Word Network on cable tv. Kim graduated from Michigan State University with bachelor of science degree in employee relations, with a multidisciplinary major of psychology, sociology and economics.