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High Performance Coach

Kim Bettie is The High-Performance Coach on a mission for ALL PEOPLE to live their best life and make the biggest impact. For over 20 years, Kim has worked with leaders and teams in corporate America. After bouncing back from burn-out herself, Kim codified over a decade of research and development and created a Whole-Life Coaching Model and proven process to detox the past, combat burnout and unleash high performance in work, life and love too. Kim created because she believes everyone deserves access to empirically sound strategies that are often reserved for CEOs and Senior Leaders. Kim believes in “grassroots goal-setting”, where ordinary people work together to do extraordinary things. 

 “Success is a beacon of light that is contagious when shared. For a long time now, I’ve had the vision of creating the virtual retreat that feels like a spa + fitness center for personal and professional growth.”  - Kim Bettie

Kim is the author of The 14 Day Experiment. She has:

Kim graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor of science degree in employee relations, with a multidisciplinary major of psychology, sociology and economics. She has a certificate in diversity and inclusion from Cornell University. She’s imported from Detroit, was made in New York and is now planted in Atlanta, GA.

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— Kim Bettie